A new approach to philanthropy

From donors to philanthropists

Maximize the impact of your donation

Maximize the impact of your donation

Fondo Filantropico Italiano is one of the key players of philanthropic intermediation in Italy.

It supports large private donors and companies in the provision and management of donations to tackle the most urgent social needs, in Italy and abroad.

A simplified and more effective philanthropy

This is the mission of Fondo Filantropico Italiano.

Two tools for a smart philanthropy:

Personalized philanthropic funds, which represent a valid alternative to setting up your own foundation.

Solutions for philanthropy beyond borders, to donate to and from abroad according to the taxation of the country of residence.



Fondo Filantropico Italiano
Fondazione ETS
Foro Buonaparte 44
20121 Milano
C.F 95148460108
Registered in RUNTS
n. rep. 31576
+39 02 49412960