Women for Women

The Women for Women fund was created on the initiative of 10 founders to help disadvantaged women gain or regain their independence, offering them protection and support. The goal is to grow over time through the contribution of an ever-increasing number of donors to help more and more women. In particular, the Women for Women fund aims at contributing to improve the conditions of women. helping them to enter or re-enter society and the labor market after episodes of physical, psychological, or economic violence.

Why do we want to help women?

7 million women in Italy have reported having suffered physical, psychological, or sexual violence during their lives, according to the latest data available. However, the abuse does not stop there. In most cases, the context of violence in which they live prevents women from emancipating themselves and pursuing their goals through tools such as study and work. Therefore, the inability to build their own autonomy and independence forces women to be economically dependent, allowing those who mistreat them to have total control and inhibit their potential.

The Project: Spazio Donna WeWorld

The Women for Women fund has chosen, for its first year, to fully finance the Spazio Donna WeWorld project in the city of Brescia, launched in 2021. Spazio Donna is a place of reception and aggregation, where women victims of violence, isolation, or social marginalization can find specialized support.

The direct beneficiaries will be approximately 150 women in fragile conditions or victims of violence together with their sons and daughters - 50 children - who have often suffered abuse or witnessed episodes of violence. All funded activities, which include both individual and group sessions, will be aimed at improving the psychophysical well-being of women, increasing socio-relational skills and promoting job placement.

Hence, the ultimate aim is to promote female empowerment, to help women achieve greater self-awareness with the aim not only of helping them heal, but above all of preventing gender violence.

Furthermore, the fund supports the DOTS Project (Women, Orientation, Training, Skills) by Fondazione Adecco, a pathway designed to help women who are in difficult situations and have experienced problematic events. Ten women, currently unemployed, are included in a customised career guidance, vocational training and active search for opportunities within the project partner companies.


To support the Women for Women fund:

Make the donation via bank transfer to the account held in the name of Fondo Filantropico Italiano Fondazione ETS – Fondo Women for Women, IBAN: IT40 K030 6909 6061 0000 0188 909, Intesa Sanpaolo, indicating in the reason for payment the following text: Donazione Women for Women.

Contact us via email at women@fondofilantropicoitaliano.it indicating the donor's tax details to receive the relevant receipt.

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