Chordoma Foundation

When the Chordoma Foundation was founded in 2007 in the United States, virtually no research was being carried out on chordoma and there were no facilities to make it possible. Since then, thanks to the extraordinary commitment of all those affected by this disease, a vibrant scientific research community has been established, resources have been raised to conduct meaningful research, helping 11 therapies reach clinical trials.

In early 2022, Chordoma Foundation opened a laboratory, which has quickly become a powerful tool for progress.  Chordoma Foundation Labs They are making it easier to efficiently test new treatment ideas from around the world, leading to a rapid expansion of chordoma clinical trials.

For the first time, there is a path to far better treatments for chordoma patients. Treatments that don't just slow the disease, but which have a real chance of allowing patients to live full lives. To achieve this ambitious goal at a pace that is relevant to patients facing this disease today, Chordoma Foundation is advancing a comprehensive pipeline of research through multiple complementary initiatives that span every phase of treatment development.

With the right investments, new treatments are just around the corner.
Your support can pave the way for innovative treatments, improved patient outcomes, and a brighter tomorrow for people affected by chordoma. Anyone can contribute to the cause to ensure lasting impact through research funding.

Lee Dolat (scientist) and Dan Freed, PhD (head of target discovery and translational research), Chordoma Foundation Laboratories

To support the Friends of Chordoma Foundation fund:

Make the donation via bank transfer to the account held in the name of Fondo Filantropico Italiano
IBAN: IT 04B0306909606100000155347, Intesa Sanpaolo, indicating in the reason for payment the following text: Donazione Chordoma Foundation (Italian for Donation to Chrodoma Foundatio).

Contact us via email at indicating the donor's tax details to receive the relevant receipt.

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