Dust and Soul

The Dust and Soul philanthropic fund, conceived by Stefano Maria Palombi, film director and philanthropist, was established to create a happy oasis for children and a point of reference for the entire community of Fianarantsoa, among the poorest regions of Madagascar. In fact, even today, 70% of the population of Madagascar lives below the poverty line and over half a million young boys and girls are at risk of chronic malnutrition. Young boys and girls have the right to be protected from violence, exploitation, and abuse.

Wellbeing also depends on the possibility of living in a safe environment, because in a place where you can move freely, it is possible to experience the area and participate in the social, cultural, and economic life of your community. This place is called ‘IZAHAY DIA!’, which means ‘WE ARE!’ in Malagasy.

The facilities (the land, a well, a vegetable garden, and 11 houses) need funds to be maintained and to guarantee education and training activities for the beneficiaries.

"In the first year, 82 children - aged 4 months to 13 years - were admitted. Many of them slept in a bed for the first time. Many have a really difficult past behind them, but now they can count on a home and a family. And they are happy. And so are we. It's nice to go to sleep in the evening knowing that 82 children are dreaming. One day a simple person taught me that being generous is a beautiful way to be."

Read the full interview and find out how to support the IZAHAY DIA! project.

To support the Dust & Soul fund:

Make the donation via bank transfer to Fondo Filantropico Italiano – Fondo Dust & Soul, IBAN: IT11 P030 6909 6061 0000 0186 881, indicating in the reason for payment the following text: Donazione Fondo Dust and Soul (Italian for Donation to Fondo Dust and Soul)

Contact us via email at segreteria@fondofilantropicoitaliano.it indicating the donor's tax details to receive the relevant receipt.

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